Who Am I? 

I am Marcel Nikolaus, also known as 14Wintertides.

Along with being a prospective writer and artist, a student and a full time day dreamer, I am also a ghost, a proud member of the Internet’s undead population. As it is, I am also a very opinionated ghost. I support LGBTQ, feminism and advocate ghost rights.

“Alright,” you say, nodding. “Now I know who Marcel is, but what is this site even for? And why am I here?”

Here, I post some of my (hopefully) better written works, with pretty pictures that may or may not be drawn by yours truly. Sometimes, I’d post random tidbits of friendly ghost things.

And to answer your last question..  I’ve no clue with you. Why are you here, indeed?

Perhaps you got here by being given the URL in real life. Perhaps you learned of me in another part of the web. Or perhaps, while doing my ghostly business, I wandered into your dreams and whispered to you that the answer to life could be found on the end of the road?

But one way or the other, Fate has led you here!

To my mind utopia, where words are weaved to give life to stories both real and fiction. Where lines are drawn to create art that would hopefully make an impression. And where I seek to start and inspire change – in both the world and myself.

Thus, my friend, I bid you welcome to the end of the road.